The popular adage, “It is better to be safe than sorry,” is more than just a quote we advise someone eating a piece of bread well past its expiry date.  This common saying is often the mantra of construction sites, theme parks, railroad structures, and aircraft personnel.  The importance of safety can never be overemphasized.  When one’s work deals with the safety of not just the crew, but also thousands of passengers or customers, it is emphatic that every individual goes through very heavy security checks.

In order to immediately spot hazards, one appropriate measure is to provide a sheet of paper where any employee can report probable glitches.  This way, it is faster for the area department head to fix the problem instantly.  It saves a lot of time when everyone chips in his observation on which ones need attention.

In addition, before any malfunctions occur, it is best to involve all employees in planning for safety.  They can offer security suggestions that managers might not have thought of, and at the same time, they will feel that they are included in the decision-making of the company.  Making employees sense their importance also boosts their performance in order to impress their superiors.

Holding weekly meetings help in discovering which areas need more improvement.  Having each employee speak up about his observations, fears, and propositions aids in the enhancement of the safety procedures.  The workers themselves are the ones manning their areas so they should have very thorough information regarding these places.  Assigning them the responsibility of overlooking particular parts gives them some pride.  It means the company recognizes their significance.

It might seem a minor issue, but proper diet and exercise also mean a safer and more efficient performance.  In order to motivate its workers, the company can have occasional marathons where the winner will receive recognition, like a trophy, medal, or certificate, and he will be named defending champion in the next race.  It may encourage them to be competitive and at the same time, have fewer trips to the doctor.  Similarly, weight loss contests might also be a good idea.  This garners good camaraderie, bringing a lighter mood into an otherwise stressfully loaded work day.  It also inspires the cafeteria to offer healthier options for everyone.

Perhaps the most important safety precaution of all is to partake in drills.  There is always going to be an emergency in the future.  Since no one can predict when this will happen, it is always best to be equipped with the proper procedures.  Once everyone has participated in regular drills, panic won’t set in as much, a system will have been arranged, and all materials, prepared.

In any line of work, nobody’s safety should ever be compromised.  Accidents are unavoidable but if appropriate measures are taken, they will be reduced significantly.  Teamwork is the key.  As long as cooperation and communication are present, regardless of business nature or work position, boosting safety performance will easily be within reach.


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