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Building Great Characters for Children’s Book

The qualities of the characters of a children’s book play a crucial role for young readers. If you may know, the younger ones are very much influences by the things they spend much time on. So, as someone who deals with kids a lot, you should know that you should be conscious of everything you expose them to, including the content of the books you give.

Children’s books must always offer something substantial to children, a good children’s book at least. These books all come in different shapes and sizes. Each one has different tones and narratives. However, there are some traits that all of them should possess. This includes the moral lessons that kids should learn. One of the best ways you can do this is by carrying it out through the characters. Characters are essential to every story, even for the other genres. They are the ones that give life to the plot and drive your story. Thus, if you decide to write a story, you should always consider making your characters the best they can be. If you are writing for children, what better way to incorporate moral values than through the characters that can influence your children.

Keith Niles Corman’s book Kenny and Katie Tour Railroad gives children lessons and delivers these values through characters. This book provides young readers with lessons about being safety conscious. Railroad Safety for Children by Corman will help kids discover the importance of railroads in all of the lives. If you want to write meaningful and purposeful books like these to promote life lessons to children. You should make sure that you are sending a message out there through your characters. This blog will help you. Below are some ways on how you can build characters for children’s books.

Create Characters with Enticing Personalities

You want your characters to be remembered by children forever. So, you should make sure that you have established a character on the first page that makes them want to get to know them. Just like adult books, children’s books should contain characters that have strong qualities. These qualities are the ones that make readers like the book. With a plot with protagonists and antagonists, you should always make your main character have this personality that can make them want to have compassion. They will want to read the whole story and want to know what happens with the character.

Make Your Characters Relatable

As mentioned, you want the young readers to develop this compassion for the main character. Thus, you might want to create a relatable character. You may have this idea that you’re going to use animals as your characters. Well, it is a great idea. In fact, most of the successful and best-selling books out there use animals as characters. However, this does not mean that they shouldn’t have human characteristics. Remember, one of the major goals for your book is to impart knowledge, wisdom, and lessons. The qualities of the character should still be empathetic.

Illustrate Your Characters

One of the facts about children is that they have a short attention span compared to adults. They get distracted easily. So, if you are going to have to make sure that your characters are compelling and interesting to see. Thus, illustration is one of the pointers for this. Make sure that you have illustrations in your book that can stimulate the young ones’ imagination as they read. Illustrations help them associate objects with words. So, a child will begin to comprehend the word and make them a fluent reader.

Build Your Characters Up

There might be villains or opposing characters in your story. With children’s books, you should always make sure that these villains learn their lessons at the end of the story. You need to imply that committing mistakes are fine as long as you are learning from them.

To conclude, you should always make sure that your characters are on point because, with children’s books, characters are the ones that will manipulate your pot line. As long as you follow all the measures that you must take, you should be good to go. And, remember that you can always practice making it perfect.

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