How to Write a Unique Book for Children?

Writing a book for children is not a piece of cake. Generally, compared to adults, children are much more difficult to please when it comes to their literary taste. They get distracted and bored so easily, so it is important for the book that they are reading to be that good and interesting. This is one of the hardest challenges that you should win over as children’s author. Especially if you are still new to the game, writing a good children’s book is guaranteed a no-easy feat.

If you want your book to be picked up and read by children, then you need to make it as unique as possible. Readers and literary enthusiasts, both children and adults alike, generally love to read books that are not just written well, but can also offer them something new. More often than not, they are in search for a book that is quite distinct from the others – one that is both interesting and outstanding. Katie and Kenny Tour the Railroad by Keith N. Corman is an example of a unique children’s book that knows just how to pique the interest of both adult and young readers. Its story revolves around the characters of Katie and Kenny who are taken on a tour of the local railroad yard by an engineer of the railroad. The uniqueness of this book, Katie and Kenny Tour the Railroad, lies in its ability to provide its readers with a fun reading experience while being so much informative about railroads – a topic that might be considered uninteresting by many.

If you want to come up with captivating children’s book like Keith N. Corman’s Katie and Kenny Tour the Railroad, then you always need to consider quality and uniqueness in writing your book. To help you in such endeavor, below are some of the most important things that you should keep in mind when writing a unique book for children.

Your book should have a unique concept

If you want your book to be unique, then you need to come up with a concept that is fresh and distinct. It should be different from what the young readers usually read in children’s books. A concept is basically an idea from which a story evolves. It serves as the platform or stage upon which a story may unfold. To come up with a unique concept for a children’s book, try as much as possible to shy away from using any common literary trope that has been used over and over again by authors of children’s literature. In Katie and Kenny Tour the Railroad, for example, Keith N. Corman came up with a concept that revolves around railroads – how to introduce and explain the importance of railroads to children. Fresh concepts such as this are hardly seen in children’s books, so they have a better chance of piquing the interest of the readers.

Your storytelling should be compelling

Once you have already come up with a good concept for your children’s book, the next thing that you should do is to find a way to tell your story compellingly. Your storytelling or the way you write your story should be convincing and engrossing. It should be able to absorb the attention of the young readers. Since children are generally easy to be distracted due to their short attention spans, it is important for you, as an author of children’s literature, to pay close attention to how you write your story. It should be compelling, entertaining, and easily understandable.

Your book should teach children a lesson

Unique children’s books usually have some lessons in them. These books are written not just to entertain the kids, but also to educate them in a creative way. If you want your book to be good, marketable, and memorable, then you need to include a message in your story. It should teach the children some good lessons about life or some useful information in order for it to have a long-lasting impact on them. In Katie and Kenny Tour the Railroad, for example, children can learn some useful information about railroads, particularly about the safety precautions that one always needs to remember around railroads and their equipment. Messages that are as simple as this can already make a significant impact on the young readers.

Overall, to write a unique book for children, you need to pay close attention to the concept of your book, its storytelling or the way it is written, and the message that it tries to send across. Indeed, writing a children’s book is not as easy as it seems. To captivate the attention of the young readers and appeal to their literary taste, you need to be a unique author who writes a unique book. Hopefully, remembering the things mentioned in this article will help you in such endeavor.



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