Plotting a Short Story for Children: Step-By-Step Guide

Thinking about writing a short story? You’ve sure gotten to the right place! This article will give you the secrets to coming up with short stories that can attract children. As one of the hardest markets to target, you should expect that your efforts should also be double. If this statement makes you think otherwise, well, you should not be. It would help if you also considered the feeling you can get after all the hard work you will be putting into it. Trust me, and all will be worth it as you will be getting the most rewarding feeling one could ever get. Once you finish your first draft, excitement will rush. 

Writing for children can do so much to you. It can give you a handful of benefits. First, you will see the world differently because you can also learn so much as you write. Second, you can help children prepare for their future by giving them life lessons that will be essential as they grow up. Life lessons that are going to be their foundation in living life in the future. If you decide to write a book for them, you will be a huge part of their success. Imagine having to be that person. You would be very proud. If you have a passion for it, there is no reason why you should not pursue it. Are you worried about the process? Will it be hard? Worry not, as this blog will give a couple of tricks to plot a short story, the ones that will catch the attention of the children’s attention step-by-step guide in creating a short story for children.

Be open to learning from others.

Reading other books will allow you to gain all the techniques you want to know before starting the process. If you remember, when you read a book, you are learning while you are in the moment. This applies to any book genre you are reading. If you were reading a book, you would be learning so much about the author’s style of writing. If you read more, you will have a more extensive idea of how you can write your own. You can go back to your favorite books as kids, or you can read new ones. Keith Niles Corman has books that might help you with this, such as his work on Katie and Kenny Tour the Railroad.

Branch out on the big idea.

You probably already have that big idea in mind for your book. However, you should still make sure that you do brainstorming so you will not leave any important elements behind. It will make sure that you will not only focus on one main thing but will open to more diverse topics related to your subject matter.

Spread a message across.

Children are still under development. You should consider to help with that. You can focus story your story on all the life lessons that are essential for the mental growth of a child. The lesson that will help them flourish as citizens, or as people in the world. Your book should spread a positive message that will serve as learnings for them. They need it. Plus, you could help parents to handle their child easily. Because once a child reads, she will acquire all the traits of the character that you are putting out there. Thus, making a great character with a great and strong personality is always a must. 

Make everything as enticing as possible.

You need to put on interesting illustrations in your book. You know why? A kid’s attention span is so much shorter than that of adults. Make everything as enticing. The kind where the kids will be attracted to read them. If it helps, you can hire illustrators. This will also help them see and perceive your story better. Plus, it will help stimulate a child’s imagination, making them more creative, a factor that everybody needs. 

Don’t let the pressure get to you.

The most important point of all. You have to enjoy the process. Remember why you wrote a book in the first place. Remember that you wrote them because of your passion of writing. You wrote a book because you want to. If you feel like you are too caught up with doing it already, take a break. You deserve it. And, it is not like all your favorite authors are not experiencing that kind of stress. Every author or writer does. If it helps, you think about that when you are feeling under pressure.



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