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The Importance of Historical Fiction

Historical fiction is a genre in literature composed of stories with plots occurring in a setting located in the old times. Books under this genre usually take their readers to a time and place in the past. Scourged Souls by Keith Niles Corman is an example of a historical fiction book that brings readers on a journey toward the past. Scourged Souls is a fiction book about Civil War. It gives its a glimpse of the events and situations of the Civil War by focusing on the stories of ordinary characters whose lives cross for brief few days during a horrific battle. Overall, Scourged Souls is a stirring tale of history that greatly manifests the importance of historical fiction. There are various reasons why historical fiction is an important genre in literature.

Learning about historical events in a fun way

Historical fiction books are often written against the backdrop of historical events. These events serve as a part of the setting, and they play a crucial role in determining the overall atmosphere of the story. The circumstances or situations narrated in a historical fiction book are usually heavily influenced by the facts of an actual historical event. The circumstances and situations in Scourged Souls, for example, are largely based on the realities of the Civil War. Because of this, historical fiction is often considered as an effective tool in learning history. Historical fiction allows people to learn about historical events in a fun way. By reading a historical fiction book, people can slowly familiarize themselves with the important details or aspects of a certain historical event without information overload. Compared to reading non-fiction history books, historical fiction books tend to deliver facts in a manner that people find easier to grasp.

Creating connections between the past and the present

Historical fiction books open doors for people in the present to learn and understand many things about the past. These books tend to bridge the gap that exists between the old times and the new times. To put it differently, historical fiction creates connections between the past and the present in ways that sometimes make facts and dates hazy. When people read historical fiction books, they often tend to get the feeling of familiarity. Such familiarity makes them feel as if they are meeting personally the characters in the past and experiencing first-hand the events that transpired in a certain historical period. This is important in a sense that the connections created by historical fiction can help people learn more from the mistakes of the past. Historical fiction allows people in the present to relate well with their predecessors. The characters in the old times can help today’s people make sense of their emotions, situations, and overall lives.

Telling the stories of ordinary people living in extraordinary times

History is not just made up of grand events and exceptional personalities. Behind almost every remarkable historical period are ordinary people living ordinary lives. These people can be considered as the commoners – the ones who go about their daily lives amid extraordinary times. Oftentimes, these people are not mentioned in non-fiction literature. The stories of their lives never make it to history books. More often than not, however, these stories offer interesting perspectives on historical events. They provide people with a better glimpse of history. They allow them to look at a historical period in a more grounded and personal way. Historical fiction recognizes this. Historical fiction books often emphasize the important role that ordinary people and their stories play in history. They do not just focus on the monumental events and remarkable personalities of historical times. They include the people who are there to live their everyday lives. This is what Keith Niles Corman particularly did when he wrote Scourged Souls. He put emphasis on the personal stories of ordinary people living in extraordinary times.

Overall, historical fiction is an important genre in literature indeed. The importance of historical fiction books like Scourged Souls, which is a fiction book about Civil War, mainly lies in their ability to make learning history exciting, create connections between the past and the present, and make known the ordinary stories that occur in extraordinary times. Even though history itself cannot be changed, historical fiction makes sure that history will remain powerful enough to change things in the present and even in the future. Historical fiction is made up of stories of reminiscence and transformation.

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