Of course, it is very fun and exciting for a child to have a visit to how a big and long railroad operates. It is awesome to see in action how this magnificent railroad can bring many people and many heavy things to far places. But this marvelous invention also takes some price. A little and a single mistake that anyone does – be it by an operator and most especially by a passenger – can lead to the most frightening and horrifying scene anyone could ever witness. Railroads indeed are a “No Playground” for everybody.


In this modern age, most people take so many things for granted. They hardly become serious in anything even in things that could actually kill them. They use to challenge dangerous activities just to “play” and have “fun” with them. This careless, irresponsible and foolish act will kill hundreds of lives of the people around them. The following are some of the important reminders of how to take responsibility of the convenience that one receives by traveling through a railroad and being able to go to distant places in a shorter period of time and a little stress. People have to know to be “safety conscious” since it is not only them who will be facing the consequence of their “playful” and “fun” acts that have the potential to turn into dangerous accidents.


SAFETY FIRST is the slogan at the railroads. It simply means not to do anything that is not necessary. Even if you think doing something will not harm anyone, you still should not do it. Most mistakes that people make is to disregard this sign. They make a little “play” at doing something clever and get a good laugh at it.    No. This should not be. If they want to reach their destination or to finish their tour alive, that is to have a safe, wonderful and peaceful experience, they should just follow everything that the authorities told them so.


A tour on the railroad usually starts with having papers to sign for permission. This could be translated to an agreement that everybody will have to follow the policies of the railroad operation. In some sense, you can call this a contract.


Next valuable thing to do is to wear hardhats and safety goggles for protection. Railroads are mostly made of hard metals that could break one’s bones in a worst-case scenario. One’s eyes are one of the parts that are very useful in the operation of railroads, and, at the same time, the one that is the most sensitive or vulnerable. So it must be taken with a higher level of care.


“Do not steal the engine” statement is another version of saying not to touch anything – click, manipulate, “play” or literally take them – that is not prescribed to avoid any dangerous explosion and then harm everybody.


Last, but definitely not the least, are the reminders of “Always check both directions before crossing. Another train could be coming from the other direction as the first one passes!” and “When the lights are flashing, you must always stop and stay stopped until it’s clear!” Even though these are very simple and easy instructions, still many are being ignorant and disobedient of these. They do not comprehend enough that failing to do so is like inviting to be hit on purpose. Children have to be fully aware of this most especially. Being in a hurry can, most of the time, lead them only to worse and painful conditions.


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