Ways to Prevent Your Children from Being Involved in Railroad Accidents

Keith Niles Corman is a book author who is passionate about trains. At an early age, he already knew the importance of safety around the railroads. His love for these engines remains with him until today that he even wrote an entire children’s book about trains and railroads. This book is entitled Katie and Kenny Tour the Railroad. It contains a story that revolves around the characters of siblings Katie and Kenny who, along with their father, are taken on a tour of the local railroad yard by an engineer. In summary, Katie and Kenny Tour the Railroad is an educational book that emphasizes the importance of railroad safety for children. Now, why is railroad safety really important? The main answer is quite simple: to prevent railroad accidents from occurring. Each year, around 1,000 people are being killed in railroad accidents. Children, particularly, are at great risk around railroads. For this reason, it is important for adults to take preventive measures in relation to railroads and trains. Below are some of the ways you can do to prevent your children from being involved in railroad accidents.

Always accompany your children around railroads

Many children are fascinated with trains and railroads. Little boys, particularly, love playing with toy engines, such trains, trucks, and cars. This is fine, of course. However, sometimes, children’s fascination with toy engines can be dangerous, especially when they come into close contact with actual engines. Actual engines like trains and trucks are not something that should be played with, as accidents involving them can be fatal. But sometimes, the curiosity and naivety of children can be overpowering, hence putting them at great risk. Because of this, it is utterly necessary for adults to accompany children whenever they are around trains and railroads. Children should not be left alone in such an environment. You should always look after your children whenever you are going for a train ride to make sure that their curiosity and naivety do not put them at risk.

Teach your children how trains work

More often than not, railroad accidents involving children happen due to a lack of knowledge and information on the part of the young kids. In general, children do not have much idea on how actual engines like trains work. They are oblivious to the risks and dangers that come with these engines. For this reason, it is important for adults to teach children how they work. Explain to your children how trains and railroads operate in general. You do not necessarily have to be too technical in your explanation, but you need to let them understand why it is risky and dangerous to play around these things. Tell your children that trains are not toys. To make sure that they pay attention and fully understand what you are explaining, you can even read stories like Katie and Kenny Tour the Railroad to them.

Teach your children how to understand warnings signs and signals

Railroads usually have warning signs and signals intended to prevent accidents from occurring. The most common and easiest to understand signals are the signal lights, which display colors meant to indicate when cars or pedestrians should stop and go when crossing railroads. Commonly, these signal lights consist of colors red, green, and yellow – red means stop, green means proceed, and yellow means slow down or be cautious as the next signal is going to be red. To prevent railroad accidents involving young kids, it is necessary for adults to teach children how to understand these kinds of warning signs and signals. Sometimes, it can be inevitable to lose sight of your children. For this reason, you need to let them understand what railroad warning signs and signals mean, so they would at least know how to act and behave around railroads even without adult supervision. These signs and signals are basically put in place to save lives.

Ultimately, railroad safety for children is very important to avoid railroad accidents involving young kids from further occurring. People, especially children, should know how to be safe around railroads and their equipment. Although these things can be fascinating, they can also be dangerous when safety is not observed around them. As Keith Niles Corman’s Katie and Kenny Tour the Railroad emphasizes, the role of railroads has been hardly important nowadays, so it is necessary to introduce to people why they exist, what they do, and most importantly, how to be safe around them.

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